Stomp the Genre Records

It's a wierd world out there; so why not set it to music?

Stomp the Genre Records...

...was established in 2010, to bring art-music to a wider audience.

Our slightly more mercenary face, along with more detailed information on our Artist Roster can be found at:-

We foster, encourage and promote MUSIC in the latest flavours. Our artists all give an agreed rate of their income to charitable causes. In most cases this is 100% of the license fee, but is never less than 60%. It is part of our job to administer this arrangement.

We also encourage the use of recycled, re-used instruments and equipment; we never overprint CDs; and we run a paperless office.

    How it works:-

  •  for artists:-
    • Submit your music to us (you can do this by becoming a member, or via the contact page). Please do this by means of links to your material, as space here is limited.
    • If we believe in it, then we'll promote it free of charge, in return for a percentage of any revenue generated being given to a charitable cause of your choice.
    • Keep us updated on your donations and causes, and we'll promote that as well.
  • for listeners:-
    • Enjoy the music
    • Donate either to specific causes through our artists, or through us directly via the donation button in the top right corner of each page.

And so we present to you a COMMUNITY, created by artists and musicians to fund charities and projects, to discuss, debate and chat about relevant issues, and to unashamedly promote our work to a larger audience.

Join us, Earthlings. STOMP THE GENRE!

Spike Brown, Head Honcho and Procurer of Curious Fabrics


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